Affordable Care Act Letters Going Out

In the next few weeks you will be receiving a letter from your employer informing you of the opening of the health insurance marketplaces (formerly called “exchanges”) established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employers are required by law to send this letter to all employees – even if they provide health insurance coverage.

This letter may be confusing, but the following information should help answer some common questions.
• If you have employer-provided health coverage, this letter is strictly informational and does not mean that you are being dropped from coverage. You are not required to use the marketplace to find health insurance.

• If you do not receive health coverage from your employer, the marketplace will be a central location where you can compare and shop for health care plans. Visit to find the marketplace and the options available to you.

• The letter you receive may resemble one of two types of notices. One notice is for employers who offer health coverage to some or all employees, and one is for employers who do not offer health coverage.

Again, your current health care coverage is not changing. If you have any questions please contact your union representative.