April, 2015

The Importance of Up-To-Date Information

infoAs a member of Local 1546, you might assume that your employer automatically notifies your union of changes to pertinent information about you. But that’s not the case. In fact, it’s up to you. It is crucial that you make it a priority to keep your personal information accurate and up to date with Local 1546 for a number of key reasons. Help us help you. Whether you’ve gone through a name change due to marriage, moved to a new address, or decided to change your beneficiary, your local union, pension, and health & welfare offices all rely on you to provide notification of such changes. In today’s “electronic communication age,” your current email address is also becoming an important means of communication with any of these entities.

Your local union needs to have your updated street and email addresses in order to send periodic communications to you.   A perfect example is at the time of a union contract vote. If a contract vote is being done via mail but Local 1546 does not have your correct address, it makes it very difficult to get your ballot to you. Name changes can also affect the receipt of your own mail from the union. Many times, the post office will reject a piece of mail from being delivered because the recipient is not registered at that address. A wrong name can cause unintentional delays. Beneficiaries (names and contact information) should likewise be kept accurate and up to date so that your wishes are properly carried out if you qualify for a union life insurance policy.

The pension office and the welfare office are just as important as the local union office with respect to your personal information. Think about it: when the time arrives to file for your pension or for health & welfare benefits, the process works efficiently only if all the offices (union; pension fund; and health & welfare fund) have current information about you on file that can be verified. Remember, you are the one who benefits from accuracy. But you can also be inconvenienced by outdated information. Therefore, please take it upon yourself to always make sure that your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number(s) are promptly updated with all these offices whenever a change occurs.

It only takes a minute to make the call. Don’t delay…do it today!


UFCW Local 1546 Welcomes our Newest Members from Americold Logistics

The Americold Logistics workers in Belvidere, IL ratified their first union contract.  This is the first contract the company has with UFCW Local 1546.

The whole process started back in October of 2012. The union election was won in January of 2013 despite the company waging a union avoidance campaign. Through it all, the workers stuck together during the long and difficult collective bargaining process with the company. After almost two years of drawn out negotiations the contract was finally ratified in January of 2015.

Newest members from Americold Logistics

Newest members from Americold Logistics

The contract covers all full-time and part-time hourly warehouse / production employees, lift truck operators, shag drivers, and leads employed at the Belvidere warehouse. Through this four-year contract the workers receive higher wages and a significant reduction in their healthcare costs.

Americold is the largest provider of temperature-controlled food distribution services in the country. The warehouse facility in Belvidere is over 6,175,000 cubic feet and has enough space for nearly 20,000 pallets of merchandise.