How can I reach my Union Representative?

Phone the Local 1546 office. The Chicago (Main) office phone number is 312-733-2999. The Schaumburg (Suburban) office phone number is 847-593-3500 (or toll-free, 800-592-3508).

If you don’t know your Union Representative’s name, be prepared to provide the name of your employer and the address of your workplace. If your Union Representative is not in the office, your message will be returned as soon possible.

When are the office hours for Local 1546?
Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If I phone the union office, my Union Rep. is often not there and must call me back. Why?
All Local 1546 Union Representatives are assigned to cover a territory comprised of many workplaces that employ numerous members. Except for their one “office day” each week (during which time they handle paperwork, replenish their supplies, attend meetings, and take care of a variety of important office matters), your Union Rep is out in the workplaces that Local 1546 represents providing service to our members during the rest of the week.