Why do I pay union dues?

Local 1546 is a self-sustaining, not-for-profit organization that exists for the betterment of its members. Your dues pay for expenses incurred in contract negotiations, servicing members, legal fees, organizing new members and communications… just to name a few in a very long list.

It is wrong to assume that you merely pay dues as a return investment for financial gain. Union members pay dues for the same reason civic, faith-based, cultural, business, and professional association members pay dues: It costs money to run an organization, and particularly in our case, it also costs money to defend the best interests of the membership.

What don’t my Union Dues pay for?

It is illegal for Union Dues to be used as contributions to union electoral campaigns, federal political campaigns, and the private benefit of any union employee.

How are my dues paid?

Depending on your employer, your dues may either be deducted directly from your pay each month, or you will be billed separately.

How much are my dues?

Union dues vary depending on the field you work in and your rate of pay. Overall, your Union Dues are a great value considering the higher wages and increased benefits you enjoy as a result of your union membership.