Active Ballot Club (ABC)

All across the country, corporations and the ultra-wealthy are funneling unprecedented amounts of money into our political system.  Their goal is to create an unbalanced and unfair economy where wages are as low as possible and profits replace respect for the workers that created them.

Active Ballot Club (ABC) seeks to level the playing field. By bringing together thousands of workers, our political concerns can be amplified to a decibel that is impossible to ignore.

ABC Impact: Making Government Work for Working Families

ABC turns pocket change into big change for working families by fighting for:

• Increasing the minimum wage.
• Paid sick leave.
• Equal pay for equal work.
• Overtime pay.
• Safe line speeds at packing houses.
• Unemployment insurance.
• Immigration reform.


The gains that Local 1546 makes for our members at the bargaining table can be lost in the halls of government. That’s the reason behind the Active Ballot Club (ABC), the voluntary, non-partisan political arm of Local 1546 and the UFCW. The goal of the ABC is to elect pro-labor candidates and promote legislation that favors working families. The cost to belong is only about $1.00 per month, or about $12.00 per year. (Union dues are not used to financially support the ABC, and contributions are not tax deductible.) ABC can be deducted from your paycheck, or you can buy an ABC card to become a member. If you don’t belong to ABC yet, see your Union Representative today to learn how you can join!