Why is my union involved in politics?

Who gets elected (on the local, state or federal levels) to office can and often does have a significant effect on the laws that impact working families. Being active in the political and legislative arena is another important way that Local 1546 works to guard the livelihoods of the members we serve and represent.

Our union lobbies to create and/or protect laws that work in favor of our members, and against those that aim to hurt them. Local 1546 also educates our members on the records and likely behavior of specific candidates, in an effort to help elect pro-labor office seekers and defeat those with demonstrated anti-union views.

What happens in the halls of government can directly impact our ability to represent the members, so it is our responsibility as your union to be involved on your behalf in the political and legislative arenas.

Note: Local 1546 members are invited to stretch their political voice by joining our UFCW Active Ballot Club, or “ABC” for short. The ABC, through small voluntary contributions by members like you, works to elect pro-labor candidates and enact legislation that helps working families. This non-partisan, political arm of your union can never match what big business and corporations spend to elect their own candidates, but when your contributions are combined, you can make a powerful difference in American politics! The cost to belong is only about $1.00 a week (less than a cup of coffee).

See your Union Rep. to learn how you can become an ABC member.