Protect Social Security

mike1juneSocial Security embodies the principle that we are all in it together and reflects the basic American values of hard work, personal responsibility, caring for family and neighbors, prudent financial management and respect for dignity and independence. Social Security recipients earn their benefits by paying into the system throughout their time at work.

Social Security provides a guaranteed income each year to more than 55 million American workers and their families who have lost income due to retirement, disability or death. That’s nearly one family out of four.

Social Security also provides important disability and life insurance protection, each worth more than $400,000 for young workers and their families, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. In early 2012, more than 8 million workers with disabilities were receiving Social Security benefits as were 4.4 million widowed spouses and 4.4 million children. More than 1 million children are kept out of poverty by Social Security.

Social Security does not face an immediate crisis, and its modest funding shortfall over the next 75 years can be addressed without benefit cuts or major changes to the program. Social Security does not contribute to the federal budget deficit, and benefit cuts must not be part of any deficit reduction package.

And yet Republicans in Congress want to cut Social Security.


Email your representatives in Congress today.

Tell them you demand no cuts to Social Security.