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made in usa prideSupport Your Union — Buy Union!

As union members, it is important that we support the jobs and livelihoods of our fellow union members.  And even more importantly, we must look at the bigger picture and support good union jobs that bring up the wage and working standards for all American workers.  One of the best – and the easiest – ways to do this is to buy the products and use the services of those companies that employ union workers.


Labor 411:  Why Buy Union?

Labor 411 has a simple premise: money is power. How you spend yours can make a difference for our country, our communities, our families and our friends. By purchasing union-made goods and services made by companies that provide fair wages, safe working conditions and access to health care, you are helping protect and grow America’s middle class. You also have the security of knowing that your money is buying quality goods made in ethical shops. And Labor 411 is here to help make your consumer decisions easy. We provide you with the most comprehensive list of union-made goods anywhere. Whether you’re planning a party, shopping for clothes or just buying the basics like milk and butter, Labor 411 makes sure you’re money is well spent in a way that benefits us all. That’s power to the purchase.  Click a category below to be taken to the website to get more detailed information about the products in the list.  Check out the other useful information on their site while you are there!

Links below are to the consumer products section:

AlcoholautobeerBeveragescandyapparelelectronicsfoodgamesgrocery storesappliancesinfants and toddlersinternet servicesmusical instrumentsoffice suppliespersonalpetsRxshippingshippingsports sports

telcom servicetobaccotoolscars


2015 UAW LogoUAW’s 2015 Union-Made Car List

The UAW’s 2015 Union-Built Vehicles List features quality, variety and fuel-efficient vehicles along with a number of new additions that represent new jobs for America’s workers.  The list also includes Canadian-assembled vehicles built by members of Unifor, formerly the Canadian Auto Workers union, because they include significant UAW-made content and support the jobs of UAW members.

UAW Members Make More than Vehicles – Across the land, United Auto Worker (UAW) members build cars, vans and trucks. But did you know that in a factory in Michigan, UAW members also build houses? Or that in a plant in New York, UAW members prepare and package sugar. Or that in Tennessee, UAW members build lawn mowers. Or that in Ontario, UAW members make golf clubs.  Check out the list below of the other products made by union members of the UAW nationwide.

 Categories of products made by UAW workers

Agricultural Implements Food & Beverage Medical, Health
Appliances Heating & Air Conditioning Industrial Equipment Supply
Automotive Parts & Equip. Heavy Trucks/Construction Equip. Miscellaneous
Cars, Trucks & Vans Higher Education Pharmaceutical Products
Child Care Home Repair & Building Products Plumbing Products
Education Housewares & Kitchen Products Sports & Recreation




ulstd_headerThe Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO, was founded in 1909 to promote the products and services produced in America by union members — especially those products and services identified by a union label, shop card, store card and service button. They are supported by per capita payments from AFL-CIO National and International Unions.  They work to promote the union label. When you see a union label — whether it is on a product, on a union shop or union store placard in a place of business, or on a union button worn by a worker – it signifies quality goods and services.

Moreover, these emblems demonstrate that the employees who make the product or provide the service are skilled workers who are treated fairly and decently by their employers.

Union labels are symbols of quality and fair play and are found everywhere, from washing machines to baked goods, from shoes to skyscrapers, from clothing to barber shops. They are evidence of quality goods and services produced by proud American workers.

Another important function of our Department is to help unions conduct national boycotts that have been endorsed by the AFL-CIO Executive Council. The Department maintains and publishes the Do Not Buy list of companies being boycotted and the products and services involved.

Check out the website for more information on union made products.