Apply for Withdrawal Status

If you are terminated, laid off, taking a leave of absence, or end your employment for any reason, make sure to request a withdrawal card from UFCW Local 1546. This will help you avoid the payment of back dues or reinstatement fees should you decide to return to work or seek other employment under the jurisdiction of the UFCW in any of our fifty states and Canada. The withdrawal card will be issued to you at no cost; the only requirement is that your fees are paid in full and your dues and assessments are paid through the month in which you work. Also, please be advised that the withdrawal card must be requested within 30 days of leaving your employment.

To request a withdrawal card, call or write to our Chicago UFCW Local 1546 office.

Main Office
1649 W. Adams St., 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60612

Change of Address

Click Here to fill out the Change of Address Form

Don’t make a move…without letting us know!

Local 1546 sends important information via U.S. Mail to you on a regular basis.

Newsletters, collective bargaining updates, notices and much more are mailed to you. But if we don’t have your current address, you may not receive Union mail!

Don’t be left out! If you move, notify Local 1546 of your new address right away. Your employer is not obligated to give us your change of address…it’s up to you! Inform the Union!

Please call Local 1546 at 312-733-2999 or 847-593-3500 or toll-free at 1-800-592-3508.