Being a member of UFCW Local 1546 means you have the power of nearly 30,000 fellow union members behind you. It means you have the benefit of dedicated, experienced union officers and a hard-working staff to back you up. It means you are not alone on the job.

The foundation of your union membership is your union contract. Spelling out nearly all the terms and conditions of your employment, your union contract provides both you and your employer with a set of guidelines for determining your wages and wage progression, hours, seniority, vacation pay, healthcare benefits, disciplinary procedures, and more. Negotiated by skilled union leaders and rank & file members with input from the members of the bargaining unit, your contract determines the “rules” under which you work.

Your union membership means you are part of a powerful team of workers who, as a single unit, can take on an entire company if necessary. With the power of your legally binding contract to back you up, you can challenge an employer’s violation of its terms through the grievance procedure; or, when necessary, through legally binding arbitration.

As a union member, you assume some responsibilities along with the rights you enjoy.

  • You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with your union contract and following its guidelines in the same way your employer must.
  • You are responsible for participating in the running of your union. We strongly encourage you to attend union meetings; vote on your union contract and in union elections; read union communications; and take part in union activities. The more you participate, the stronger your union will be for you.
  • You are responsible for being a good union citizen. That means supporting your union brothers and sisters in a labor dispute; shopping at union stores and buying union-made, American-made goods whenever possible; supporting non-union workers in their fight to win union representation; and supporting those public officials and candidates who fight for working families.

As a proud member of UFCW Local 1546… You Belong!