Jonathan Willigman
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jon began his career in the labor movement in 1998 as a Union organizer. During his time as a Union organizer, he helped to organize members in all the core sectors that the UFCW represents. In doing so, he and his fellow organizers helped grow Local 1546 into what it is today. After being part of the organizing department for 7 years Jon transitioned into the position of Union Representative, representing members in retail, healthcare, with a focus on meat packing, processing, and Manufacturing. He performed all duties of Union representative including contract enforcement, processing of grievances, and assisting members with concerns. In 2014 Jon moved into the position of Director of Meatpacking, Processing and Manufacturing, where his main focus was collective bargaining. Jon currently sits as a trustee on numerous health and welfare and pension funds, as well a delegate on various labor councils. Prior to serving as Secretary Treasurer he was the recorder for the UFCW Local 1546.